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go.go pots

eggs force one

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crab  prawn & avo

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super salmon light

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the veggie box (ve)

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maki sushi rolls

baby rolls

sharing platters

Emperor Box [Deliveroo]

Only available for delivery

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on a bed

tokyo caesar

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bang bang chicken

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low carb

special combo

double beds

itsu [hot]

chicken noodles

classic chicken noodles

chunky slices of chargilled chicken, fresh green leek, edamame, light & low-fat crystal noodles, fragrant chicken broth

chicken jaipur noodles

crystal noodles, chargrilled chicken, dash of Greek yoghurt, kombu, edamame & shaved green leek in a curried chicken soup

chicken & coconut noodles

crystal noodles, chargrilled chicken, velvety coconut milk, edamame and shaved green leek in a hearty Thai chicken soup

brown rice potsu

greens  grains & glory (v)

a delicious "glory burger"(v) [roast veg, chickpea, toasted peanuts & Thai seasoning] with sesame crust crowned by a runny poached egg, baby spinach, green leek, petit pois, muki beans, brown & red rice, Thai sauce

chicken teriyaki

chargrilled chicken, brown & red rice, green leek, ginger, petit pois, teriyaki sauce

thai chicken

chargrilled chicken, brown & red rice, wilted baby spinach, green leek, muki beans, ginger, petit pois, fragrant Thai sauce & a dash of velvety coconut milk

miso with benefits

miso (ve)

silken tofu, wakame & shaved green leek in a veggie miso broth

detox miso (ve)

harusame noodles, shaved green leek, wakame, tofu & 2 vegetable gyoza dumplings in a veggie miso broth


[available in selected stores] chargrilled chicken, in hearty miso soup, low GI brown & red savoury rice, green leek, toasted seeds & ginger

miso happy (ve)

health & happiness miso soup, nutritious wakame

udon noodles

dumplings veg udon (ve)

5 vegetable gyoza, udon noodles, toasted seeds, green leek, edamame & a dash of coconut milk in a vegetable broth

grilled chicken udon

Chargrilled chicken, udon noodles, green leek & edamame in a fragrant chicken broth

chilli chicken udon

Chargrilled chicken, udon noodles, green leek & edamame in a lively gochujang chicken broth

dipping dumplings

gyoza dumplings (ve)

6 hot gyoza dumplings [savoury leek, carrot, green onion] and shichimi pepper with delicious teriyaki sauce


snack boxes

pick'n mix

You're never too old for pick 'n mix and we've chosen all the best bits... nutrient-rich almonds and sweet super fruit goji berries. With three different kinds of almonds, our mix is a great source of protein, keeping your energy levels high; this is why our pick 'n mix is the perfect pick-me-up.

wasabi peas

Our wasabi peas are crunchy little firecrackers and now tastier than ever with a new and improved recipe. Wasabi peas are a good source of vitamin B9 to give your immune system the support it needs. Wasabi is also known as `Japanese horseradish´. Its versatility as an ingredient and condiment has been recognised in Japan for years, making it the perfect seasoning.

mango mungo

Sweet tooth? Our mango mungo has the satisfying sweetness of candy but with no added sugar. Mango is a good source of vitamin A, which leaves your skin glowing and is apparently good for strong eyesight. Our mango slices have been dried in 100% sunshine to release their natural sweetness. -

honey cashews

itsu's honey cashews have been a favourite for years. Now with a lighter honey glaze, they contain 20% less sugar. Cashews are a naturally good source of zinc and magnesium to give your hair, skin and nails the nutrients they need. Our 100% natural honey coating has the perfect balance of flavour and sweetness.

chocolate edamame

The Californian craze for chocolate edamame is here to stay. Roasted and then coated in chocolate, edamame are a great source of fibre and soya protein. With less fat than chocolate covered peanuts, they make the perfect snack when your chocolate cravings kick in.

skinny popcorn

honey bee

Gluten free. Suitable for Vegetarians. Popped Butterfly Corn (55%), Rapeseed Oil, Sugar, Honey Seasoning (Sugar, Whey Powder (Milk), Salt, Honey Powder (2%), Natural Flavouring).

cinnamon sweet

Gluten Free. Suitable for Vegetarians. Popped Corn, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Sweet Cinnamon Flavour (Sugar, Cinnamon, Full Cream Milk Powder, Flavouring, Salt).

rice cakes

milk chocolate rice cakes

nutritional values are based on 1 portion (= 1 slice)

dark chocolate rice cakes

nutritional values are based on 1 portion (= 1 slice)

seaweed thins

seaweed thins

Packed with minerals, nutrients and vitamins they are the perfect eat beautiful snack and only have 24 calories per pack.

popcorn crisps

metcalfe's skinny mini corn cakes

Beef Twerky

prawn crackers



detox zinger

250 ml

detox II

250 ml

detox III

250 ml

water & other drinks

purify juice

purify 7 veg

vitamins, unsweetened, cold pressed

purify purple

healthy, cold pressed, unsweetened


lightly sparkling flavoured waters