the sale

The story behind the sale...

Julian's Japanese Adventures:

'The most beautiful food I've ever seen in my life is prepared and sold in the department stores of Japan. Hundreds of skilled people prepare thousands of boxes....always fresh , always delicious , always beautiful, each day. Salads, sushi, vegetables, main courses,puddings...everything.

Half an hour before closing there is always a half price sale. It's crazy...but exciting. On one trip I returned to watch the sale every evening...spellbound.

It was (and is) uplifting for many reasons...The efforts, skill and passion of the team members is not wasted. Almost nothing goes in the bin & customers get to try different dishes.

They buy for friends. They celebrate the good deal and buy, try and enjoy dishes they otherwise might not. Customers unable to afford full price get to enjoy beautiful food at a low price after day.'

The spell binding simplicity of the half-price sale in Ginza, Tokyo inspired the itsu sale across all stores...

Half an hour before closing each store holds an itsu sale - all sushi and salad boxes are half price.